Great Lakes Eagles' Recent Events 2001

On this page you'll find pics from some of the events we attended in June. Place your mouse over the thumbnail & click for a larger image. Close the larger image to continue.

Bob Schreiber's Farm: The best flying day yet! Blue sky, low wind, great people & flying. If you missed it, make sure you come next time.

Freeport, IL at Sneek's Farm: This was a "wow"! Full-scale homebuilts with our giants. Excellent weather, flying, food, friends & fun. Do not miss this next year!

Waukesha, WI at Pebble Creek's DAMM Event: Despite gray skies, the 9 of us who attended had a fun time. It took 2.5 hours to get there (counting breakfast). The field was very fine with superb grassy runways. They have both N-S and E-W runways. We used E-W. The flying, flyers and food were great!

Pratts Wayne Woods, 08/12: Just a few of the Eagles were there ... but we had fine flying, great food and superb hospitality!

Streator R/C Breakfast Fly-In, 08/19: Lots of Eagles for this one! Despite the poor start of the day's weather, we did not get rain and we DID have lots of fun. The Streator crowd knew the Eagles were there! We nearly had a private field as sortie after sortie took to the air. We had the Bipes Flight (Frank, Reg & Dave with the Smith's Mini-Plane, Ultimate, Eagle); then the Stinger Flight (Gene, John, Dan & Dave) and all flights were full-bore, smoke on! Everyone loved it. The Eagles, too, had fun as we attempted precision team aerobatics ( Check out the pic where Gene's about to lose his pants (6,1)! Without a shirt, this one would've been a big BUTT-CRACK shot! Great fun, friends, fellowship and food. Be there next year!

Frank Buzz' T-6 First Flites, 09/29: With a superb weather day, the GLEs assembled at BobS' farm to witness the first flites of the superb 26% T-6s built by Frank Buzz. Two took to the air with excellent first flites! Frank flew first. Then BobD's plane, with Reggie at the controls, flew with similar results. The planes had NO BAD HABITS. Lift-off occurred in < 100 ft. Flight was straight and true. No adjustments required. Gear performance, the home-built electric design by Frank, was excellent with positive up and down movement on command. The plane is VERY scale in flight, but could handle all maneuvers. Frank wanted to wait before doing a Lomcevak ..... and he waited ....... until the 2nd flite! While having full scale flaps, none was needed for landing. Reggie and Dave need to complete theirs for a 4-plane squadron to be operational. Excellent hospitality by Bob and Mary Ellen. Check the pics closely, you'll see the new home start at Grandview Estates by the John Russell family!