Great Lakes Eagles' Recent Events 2002

On this page you'll find pics from some of this year's events. Place your mouse over the thumbnail & click for a larger image. Close the larger image to continue.

GLE Projects : When we get pics of projects, they'll show up here. First is Bob D's 10' span Tiger Cat with a pair of twin 100's. From Germany, it is ultralight in weight and very heavy in detail. The gear doors operate (all of them) and Bob's ingenuity resulted in an excellent solution for the nosegear doors. Wait'll you see it! It should be an awesome flier.

On May 27th, Reggie's T-6 took 1st flite and performed flawlessly .... see it below the Manteno Pics.

Bob Schreiber's Farm: May 4th, the best flying day yet! Blue sky, reasonable wind, great people & flying. John demanded a breakfast stop ... in addition to the donuts! If you missed it, make sure you come next time. New homes are building there very quickly.